ocated just outside the city limits of West Asheville, we purchased part of our 13 acre farm in 1994 and the rest in l998.  It is predominately woods and naturalized plantings with two acres dedicated to our market garden and two acres of 'bee fodder' plantings.
arl went to 'bee school' in 2003, and I attended bee school the following year. We were amazed at how the pollination of two hives increased our crop production, so I applied as a vendor to the West Asheville tailgate market and have been selling our honey and produce there ever since. 
e have always farmed organically, although we are not certified, and use biodynamic and permaculture techniques as well.  We have treated our honeybees with the same respect as our land and have never put any chemical treatments in our hives. 
ast year, we welcomed an assortment of 11 chickens to join the farm.


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